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    J & J

About Us

J & J Catering has a phenomenal reputation for infusing creativity and uniqueness into it's tasteful southern cuisine. With J&J Catering, great food is combined with great southern hospitality. We have a keen sense for mastering flavors,  an eye for presentation, and a passion for everything we do.

It's about the flavor

At J & J Catering, we've taken time to craft flavors in our comfort food that make you feel at home. With our own recipes for dry rubs, sauces, and fresh ingredients from local markets, our flavors stand out among the rest.

We love being a part of people's lives and social events in the community. Nothing suits us better than putting smiles on faces and watching people enjoy great company and good food. It's the reason we are in business and the reason we do what we do.

Pitmaster  Preparing and Cooking Zesty Herb Chicken ~ NC Chopped Pork BBQ On Site !!!
Prepared In Your Home Assorted Fruit Medley
Glaze GiGi Traditional Pound Cake
Our Personal Chef Grill Allows Us To Prepare & Cook Your Favorite Items Onsite!!!
Let Personal Chefs Do the Cooking For You!!!